Elves are a race of Tane known for their long lifespans, pointed ears and numerous subraces.


Elves typically stand between five to six feet in height (depending on the subrace) and have slender and athletic bodies. Their most distinguishing feature is their pointed ears.

Elves possess no body hair, aside from eyebrows, eyelashes and hair.

Elves mature around the same rate as humans. However, at around age twenty, their aging slows to a different rate, depending on the subrace. (Ex. Light elves can live up to 1,000 years, while Wood elves have a lifespan of 400 years.)

Elves naturally possess agility and reflexes superior to that of humans. They are also highly resilient to injury and pain, allowing them to shrug off stabbings and gunfire to an extent. They also have highly developed senses of smell and hearing.

Elven subracesEdit

Light elves
A golden-skinned subrace that primarily inhabits northern Rasna.
Moon elves
Nature respecting violet-skinned elves native to northeastern Rasna.
Wood elves
Copper-skinned elves known for being skilled merchants.
Plain elves
Elves which inhabited the plains of what is now southern Lyonesse.
Dark elves
Dark-skinned elves which rule the nation of Ismara in western Endor.
Sun elves
Bronze-skinned elves native to eastern Sha'ir.